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Landscaping for your home or business: The right way

Your home or business is the result of your long, hard work. Years of investment, work, research went into it. Tee Time lawn care is no different; our business was founded on long hours, horticulture science, and hard won respect in the local community.

So why should your lawn be any different? Landscaping lawns is a complex task that deserves just as much love and hard work. Our company offers the complete package aimed at producing long term growth, health, and safety for your lawn. We treat your lawn like it's our own which is why we choose our fertilizers by safety, contents rather than price. Customer support and follow-up is our part of our philosophy because we realize that lawn care is a team effort. Our service staff is finely picked for individuals who enjoy lawn care and prior lawn experience.

We didn't grow like a weed in summer because we cut corners or rely on chemicals for fast growth. A beautiful lawn and yard comes from hard work, proven methods, and proper care which we specialize in.





DIY is a great way to learn about lawn and landscaping for your yard. We encourage you to take an active interest in your lawn growth. However, most consumer lawn care products are aimed at fast results using harmful chemicals. Lawns require regular service applications that many miss. The best option is to combine DIY with trusted professional service.

What's the difference between professional landscapers and DIY?

At Tee Time we sell the complete package for each part of lawn care you desire. From pest control to tree service.

Instead of focusing on selling one element like mowing or seeding, we offer the complete solution. Your lawn is an Eco-system that will grow the best when all elements are professionally cared for. Call us to find out the best solution for your lawn and garden.

Which service is best for you?